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For your next production, whether it is a quick overnight commercial
shoot or a multi-location 6-month feature film project, allow Heron
Security to provide one or more of their many production services. Heron
Security will bring peace of mind to your production by providing state
licensed and insured uniformed security officers to protect your

More experience

We feel that our experience of providing tailored security services to
numerous productions since 1991 gives us an obvious edge over other
security companies that are not familiar with, and more importantly, are
unable or unwilling to cope with the variety of changes and scheduling
demands that a production typically brings.

Saving your budget

Our services can also enable your production to save budgetary dollars
by offering a reliable, professional, and flexible, cost effective alternative
to the expense of hiring law enforcement officers for your security needs.
There are several advantages to hiring private security over off-duty law
enforcement personnel. Aside from the obvious savings to your budget,
we work directly for your production instead of serving a municipality
first, which allows for a greater flexibility of services provided.

Limit your liability

By hiring Heron Security for your security needs, you also mitigate
against potential liability issues. Attempting to save money by assigning a
production assistant to perform security can create a liability nightmare.
Consider the impact of a crewmember being attacked in the parking area,
injured or possibly killed. How will your production handle the loss of key
equipment if stolen from a set being unsuccessfully secured by an
untrained person? Is saving a few dollars today on security costs worth
the potential losses from a production stoppage?

Personnel protection

Our team of licensed personal protection officers can provide a low key,
yet effective, protection for principal cast and crew members when
making public appearances. Furthermore, Heron Security can provide
escorts to and from various locations where a uniformed presence may be
too obtrusive.

Weapons Master and Weapons Training

In addition, Heron Security has state licensed law enforcement firearms
instructors available to train your actors in the familiarization, use, and
handling of firearms at our licensed academy and range location. These
instructors can also help to coordinate and manage the safe use of
firearms that are adapted for production use. Click the link above for
more information.
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