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Training Services

Through our licensed academy, Heron Security offers a full spectrum of
classes related to the private security industry.

Additional, expanded Level I and II instruction beyond the web
based certification currently offered by the state.

Level III commissioning courses and Level IV Personal Protection
Officer training.

We also offer certification in OC spray and many levels of
continuing education courses for license renewal.

In addition, Heron offers non-security officer training for private citizens.

Texas Concealed Handgun licensing and renewals.

Personalized self defense classes utilizing OC spray training and
simple, effective hand to hand techniques.

Firearm instruction including basic familiarization and
marksmanship skills.

For group instruction, we can utilize your location for most instruction
with the exception of firearms training. Practical self-defense instruction
can give your personnel a new sense of confidence as they go about
their daily routines.
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