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Weapons Master and Weapons Training

One call to Heron Security can provide everything you need concerning
weapons and firearms services for your production.

First, we work with your production to choose the best weapon
selections for the characters in your project while keeping budgetary
dollars in mind. We have the ability to bring in virtually any weapon type
you can dream up in a matter of a few short days. With our movie
industry affiliates, we can coordinate full automatic weapons and larger,
military hardware such as RPG's and artillery pieces.

Second, we can work with your actors to make them look comfortable
and accurate with the weapon their character is using. With extensive
backgrounds in law enforcement and related training, Heron Security's
training staff can get your actors up to speed quickly. We have our own
range and classroom facilities available for basic instruction and access
to several tactical training facilities and instructors that can perfect
SWAT operations, military movements, and other specialized type training

Finally, the most important aspect of production weapons is bringing it all
together in a safe and organized matter. We have overseen a simple,
single gunshot in a hallway to a full-scale shoot-out between bank
robbers and police in a downtown, urban setting with multiple shooters.
We are dedicated to the safety of everyone involved in your production
and we will not compromise that safety. Our reputation and your
production depend on it.

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